When your assets are at stake, experience and reliability are a priority. St. Marie Financial Advisors will work independently and is not influenced by any obligations to banks or other financial service providers. We start by defining your financial goals and develop a financial plan. The decision to invest your money is based on qualitative and return-oriented criteria — evaluating the impact of every decision on your specific goals. We have summarized the basis of our work here:

Free Initial Meeting  

We never charge any fee for an initial meeting. You will never be pressured to make decisions that are not in your best interest.                                                                               
The thought that the complex can be made as simple as possible and no more. Investing can be one of the most complex endeavors of man. At St. Marie Financial we realize that we don't know everything but we strive to make financial decisions that will guide you toward your goals.

I undergo regular training to maintain a high degree of competence in the Financial Planning and Investment Advisory area. This includes annual continuing education requirements for the Certified Financial PlannerTM designation, along with weekly education on investment issues hosted by  TD Ameritrade.

As a Fee-Based Financial Advisor, we are held to a Fiduciary standard. This means simply we are required to place the interests of the client ahead of out own interests. Not all brokers or advisors are held to this standard. 


We have chosen TD Ameritrade Institutional as our custodian for client assets. TD Ameritrade Institutional works with over 4,000 independent Registered Investment Advisors. St Marie Financial Advisors and TD Ameritrade Institutional are separate firms. 

We believe paying excessive fees for widely available investment strategies is one of the biggest detractors from long-term performance. The way we see it, clients should only pay premium fees for premium services. You do not need to pay an "expert" to help you pick a Fortune 100 company. Looking beyond normal everyday investments to those unique alternative investments is how we earn our fee. That and matching your goals with your investments.

As a Independent Fee Based Financial Advisor, the majority of my income is derived from annual fees for managing your investment portfolio. Recognizing the impact fees have on investment return, I try to keep my fees as low as possible. (Our Annual Fees average less than 1% per year) I also feel that annual management fees are a better choice for investors than large upfront  commissions charged for investment products. Please feel free to contact me about my fee schedule and see the value you will receive by working with St. Marie Financial Advisors.

Because I am an independent financial advisor, I am also free to charge retainer fees or work for clients on an hourly basis as determined by the project.

I have made the decision to also sell life insurance. I am able to protect client's assets and lifestyle by using insurance products.